Summer fun

Midnight Sun Safari

We are going to watch the midnight sun in the beautiful nature of the Finnish Lapland. We might see some reindeer, moose or other animals of the local area at the same time. We are hiking to the hills outside of the town in the real nature area and we’ll clime on high places. You can pick some tasty berries on the way if they are ready to eat.

The safari includes a camp fire supper in a camping place, extra clothing and pick up service in Rovaniemi area during the weekends Saturday, Sunday, and in Kemi from Monday to Friday. Horse back riding is also possible on this trip.

Available: end of May-August after 19.00 PM
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 120 €/person (minimum of 2 participants)

Walking Holiday

Let’s walk in the pure nature of Lapland! A trip to Hiansaari island and / or Santavaara  Berry picking included during the summer time, snowshoes or a kicking sledge or kids sledges during the winter time

The tour includes a packed lunch and pick up service in Rovaniemi area during Saturday – Sunday, in Kemi during the school day evenings from Monday to Friday.

 Available: around the year
Duration: 3 hours with the transport included 
Price: 80 €/person (minimum of 2 participants)

Ranua Zoo

We are going to the nature park of the Ranua Zoo. There we will see properly the arctic nature and animals: bears, polar bears, arctic birds, foxes, moose, etc. You can visit the local wine shop and buy homecoming gifts in the FAZER Shop where you can find the most famous chocolate in Finland! Really delicious! 

The tour includes tickets to the zoo and pick up service in Rovaniemi area. Coffee break or lunch at the zoo for extra cost.

Available: during Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoon
Duration: 3,5 hours
Price: 120 €/person (minimum of 2 participants)

Sauna & bathing

The tour includes a soft drink and a small snack meal after the sauna. Possibilities to swim in the local lake in a cool water by walking to the lake area, or the river. In the winter time we’ll feel the cold snow on our skin between the sauna steam instead of the cold swimming.

Available: around the year
Duration: 3 hours including the transport time about 1h10min each way.
Price: 120 €/person (minimum of 2 participants)


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