Feel Lapland By Horse

Trail riding and other activities around the year in Lapland, Finland

Trail riding in Lapland

Trail riding

Our trail riding horses are mostly Finnhorses and warm blood american trotters. They offer a safe riding experience, even for total beginners.

Swimming with horse


Please read some useful tips and safety information before your adventure. See also our cancellation policy in case of your plans will change.

Summer fun with horses

Summer fun

The arctic summer in Lapland is made of the midnight sun, trail riding, carriage driving, swimming with horses, over-night trips in the nature and relaxing in sauna.

Winter fun

How about private horse trips, sleigh driving, skiing or snowboarding behind the horse, ice swimming and sauna, downhill skiing or northern lights activities?


More activities

If the riding is not your wish, we can also provide fishing or ice-fishing, sauna or cottage rental services. How about snowshoeing or kick sledging the winter time or a kid’s sledge in the snow? Also hen or stage parties!


We provide transportation services so it’s easy for you to join the experience! You can even rent a bus with a driver for up to 53 people.

And for your special moments we can arrange special wedding carriages. All of our activities and services can be planned specially for you. 

Taking it

nice and slow

Most of our activities are suitable for people in all ages and even for total beginners.

You can enjoy the wild nature of Lapland in many ways.

Small children can ride either by being lead or in a lunging-line, so all the family can join. A sleigh and carriage driving behind the horse is fun for the small kids or the whole family!

We arrange therapeutic riding lessons for handicapped children so everyone can join the fun.

Nice to meet you

Looking for some action?

If you are an advanced rider or prefer more speed and action you will love these activities.

In winter you can try skiing as well as snowboarding behind the horse. For the experienced riders we offer cross country jumping.

During the summer time there are also other program services combined to the rides, such as swimming with the horse or sauna and kayak or canoe trips for an extra charge.

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Tuulia Tykkyläinen


Tourist Guide in Rovaniemi and Lapland

The trail riding and the therapeutic riding instructor

The program service producer and the owner of the horses

Arctic Nature Trips / Eräratsut

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